Note-taking, reimagined.

Take digital note-taking to the next level.
Now with collaboration.

Latest version: 2.3.1

Effortless note-taking

We've got an intuitive, minimal interface for you to start in seconds, together with a powerful set of tools for a seamless writing experience.

Sync across devices

No matter laptop, tablet or smartphone, your notes are always synced and accessibly from anywhere. All data is encrypted on server so it remains safe and secure.

Collaborate & Share

Invite and work together in real-time from anywhere. You may also share your notes with anyone using a link. Your notes will be instantly available at

Take notes,
fast and effortless.

With a powerful set of tools, your note-taking experience is truly effortless.

Always in sync,
anytime and anywhere.

Notewise Cloud keeps your data safe and secure in the cloud.

  • Continue your work even when offline
  • Share your notes with anyone using a link
  • View your notes on web at

Sharing makes it better

With Notewise Cloud, note-sharing is just one click away. Invite your friends or colleagues for a real-time collaboration session! Share your notes with a link, anyone with the link will see your great notes.

New updates. New features

Notewise keeps getter better. Here are some new features in the recent updates.

Split screen to view two notes at the same time
(Android 12L and above)

Search your notes, PDF and folders

Select & translate text in PDF

More precise control and customization to shapes.

Draw dash lines and customize line heads

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"Just Awesome..! Best note app for all your Notes, Mind Maps and documents... 🌟"

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"One of the best applications to write things down, I use it for my university notes and it works perfectly."

"Amazing app. Fantastic writing experience, latency and responsiveness, truly worth it."

"Love this app as I can easily import and export files. Been looking for an app wherein i can write on pdfs. This one is the best amongst all that i have tried 😊"

"Penso che sia senza ombra di dubbio la migliore app per prendere note a mano su Android, è facile, intuitiva e ha tutti gli strumenti necessari e soprattutto ha un bel design. L' altra cosa che adoro è che si aggiorna in continuazione risolvendo il prima possibile eventuali bug."

"Die beste app die ich bisher gefunden hab."

"Oh I love this app, intuitive and clean look. Taking notes is more fun with this app."

"Fantastic app with great functionality and very nice UI. Best app of it's kind, no doubt."

"Tek kelimeyle mükemmel bir uygulama. Android cihazlar için en iyi not alma uygulaması."

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