Note-taking, reimagined.

The best note-taking experience,
built for Android.

Latest version: 1.14.1

What our users have been saying

"Finally a note-taking app that functions exactly how I need on Android."

"Amazing features, this is one of the smoothest and certainly smartest note-taking apps out there."

"Ziemlich erstaunt über die Wirksamkeit der App. Nichts Vergleichbares, das ich gefunden habe."

"Super good, easy to use and friendly."

"Excellent. There is no competition, this is the final game and the culmination of it. It had completely replaced Samsung Notes as my note-taking apps or for anything paper-related."

Inacreditável experiência!

"I'm able to combine many and many huge text books in just my own notes and may reopen the source by just a click... a very intelligent software readily"

"นี่เเหละเเอปที่ตามหามานาน เอาไปเลย10/10 ครบวงจร เพิ่งโหลดมา เดะใช้งานไปเรื่อยๆจะมาเพิ่มเติมอีกที รวมๆคือดี ฟังชั่นเยอะ ใช้งานง่าย ✨🛋️"

Alle Funktionen funktionieren perfekt, die Dateiorganisation ist auch sehr flüssig und einfach, alles auf Laufwerk sichern, Handnotizen mühelos in PDF exportieren.

Perfect! and free, so far nothing to complain, even importing pdf to it is free! I'm loving!