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Will I lose my data if I do not upgrade to Notewise Cloud?

For Notewise Cloud users, all your data is safely stored both on Cloud and on your local device, therefore there is no risk of data loss!

For other users including Notewise Unlimited, your data is stored on your device only, therefore your data will be lost if you:

  • Uninstall or re-install the app
  • Perform a factory reset on your device
  • Tap "Clear storage" button in your device's app settings
  • Using an illegally modified version of Notewise. We've received many reports from users who download the app from unofficial channels and experienced data loss. To avoid data loss and unstability (slower performance and high crash rate), make sure that you only use Notewise app downloaded from Google Play or our website at https://notewise.dev. Our team will not be able to assist if you experience any issue when using an illegal version of Notewise.