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Unable to sign In

If you're not able to sign in, here are some tips to check and fix the issue:

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of Notewise
  2. Google Sign-In in only supported if your device already has at least 1 google account signed in.
  3. Microsoft Sign-In requires your device to have a working browser.
  4. Update your device's Google Play System Update to the latest version by following the "Get security updates & Google Play system updates" section from https://support.google.com/android/answer/7680439?hl=en.

If you saw an error message when the sign in attempt fails, please check the following error message:

  • User disabled the feature: This is typically because you've disabled the third-party sign in option with Google. You may go to your device's Settings > Google > Settings for Google Apps > Connected Apps > Tap on the gear icon > Enable Sign In prompts. Also, make sure that inside the Connected Apps page, search Notewise and enable Sign in with Google.
  • An account already exists with the same email address but different sign-in credentials: This is because your account has been signed in before using a different provider (Google or Microsoft). One email address can only be linked to one social provider, therefore you may sign in only using the same provider as the last one.