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Activate Unlimited and sync the purchase across devices

If the purchase is from Google Play

Your Unlimited purchase is fetched from your Google Play account, make sure the Google Play app on your devices is logged in with the account where the purchase was made from. If you're not able to sync your purchase via Google Play, please follow Google Play's Help Article for help. If your Notewise Unlimited status doesn't appear, please follow the steps here.

To sync your purchase across multiple devices, please follow these steps:

  1. On device 1, sign in to Notewise with an account and then sign out. After signing out, if you're not on Unlimited, go to Unlimited's purchase page and tap Restore purchase button.
  2. Once you're on Unlimited on device 1, go to device 2 and sign in with the same account, and then sign out. Your Unlimited status should now sync to device 2.
If the purchase is from Stripe

You should heave received an activation code (make sure to check your email's spam folder), this activation code can be used on 1 device only. However, if you need to change the device where it is activated, you can choose to deactivate on an already activated device and re-activate on another device.