Frequently Asked Questions


Dark mode doesn't work correctly on my device
Request data and account deletion
Will I lose my data if I do not upgrade to Notewise Cloud?
Unable to sign In
Unable to sign out

Taking notes

Draw, scroll and zoom using fingers
Add new pages
Delete, duplicate and rearrange pages
Hold to draw shapes, curves and straight lines
How to add saved colors
Adjust eraser settings
Insert a textbox
Edit & style a textbox
Select text on PDF and textbox
Open hyperlinks inside PDF
Duplicate, copy, cut & add to library
Create & modify a shape
Lock & unlock objects
Create and crop an image
Use buttons on stylus as shortcut
How to view notes in split screen

Notewise Cloud

How to upgrade to Notewise Cloud
I've already purchased Notewise Unlimited, what happens if I upgrade to Notewise Cloud?
What happens to my existing notes after upgrading to Notewise Cloud?
My existing notes are not shown after upgrading to Notewise Cloud
What happens after I sign out?
What happens when I run out of storage?
What happens when my Notewise Cloud subscription expires?
Sync with Notewise Cloud is slow
It shows some storage usage even if I do not have any notes
The cloud indicator shows an error, what should I do?
Does Notewise Cloud work when I'm offline?
Where is my data stored on Cloud and is it secure?
How to manage my subscriptions?

Notewise Unlimited

How to upgrade to Unlimited?
I've already purchased Notewise Unlimited, but it's not shown
I did not receive an activation code
Activate Unlimited and sync the purchase across devices